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Cafe Legacy

If you’ve read my boy’s adventure novel, The Treasure at Devil’s Hole, it’s likely you’ll reconize some of the locations in the images below.

Which images do you think inspired the following?

  • The entrance to Devil’s Hole
  • The Mosser home
  • The old swimming hole – Dodd Hole
  • Grandpa Sy’s house
  • The watermelon trail – shortcut to Melanie Grainger’s house.
  • The bluffs overlooking the White River where an explosive rush of water tossed Bug and the treasure from a subterranean river.

Izard County, Arkansas is one of the country’s hidden gems filled with stunning views of the surrounding hills, caves and caverns, waterfalls and much more. There are few places in the country that rival the “secret” natural wonders of Izard.


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